Unraveling Threads

What has happened to such words of endearment to one another? When the mate of your soul once saw you with reflections of gold instead of what is now dust on a shelf? Why do you now begin to doubt the essence of my thoughts? and not smell the scent of my skin which trembled at the most gentle strokes of your fingertips? Does calling me darling not take you back to the memory of sitting by the sea shore caressing each other tightly as the waves tried to pull us apart? Where has the warm quiver of your bottom lip disappeared to as you kiss me goodnight under the porch light of your door? I know the hands of every clock are ticking by so quickly in this world, do they ring as loudly in your ears? as loudly as they ring in my ears as we sit beside each other in total silence waiting for the other to speak. Don’t let the love we built die within the walls of this cold place, please don’t make me write the will to my dying heart so that when this love is lost you are left with nothing from me but ashes and broken shards of the frosted glass you see me through. So as you go to walk away, please stop: Can we sit here together? Just sit here and begin to repair the un ravelled threads of this damaged love we committed in embroidering together? Because whether you see it or not I’m fighting here but need you to save me from the waves I’m drowning in. Let’s save each other from the depths of this dark place, let’s light the candle so we can see the glow on each other’s faces once again.

One more thing, please let me watch your lips as they move to the words and sound of your familiar voice call me darling, as we close our eyes to sleep, as we give this love another chance.


Curtesy of André Azevedo

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